Generations of Somali children haven’t gone to school

Sustainable quality education is extremely rare for Somali youth.

War and poverty have drained the country for far too long. It’s time to turn the tide. The country needs future leaders who understand the needs of its population and can provide for those needs through innovation, problem solving and collaboration. We’re on a mission to empower Somali youth through quality education, and fuel them to improve their lives and build thriving communities.

We see a better future for Somaliland and beyond

It is a longstanding Somali tradition to help lift the next generation out of hopelessness.

We’re educating and empowering Somali youth to become a generation of engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, community leaders and teachers. With a quality education, these children can help their communities innovate new systems, build infrastructure and blossom.


Be a part of the progress

Help set a new path for Somali youth today—and for the future.