Beyond the classroom

Burao Academy has a holistic approach to educate students—each student's academic success reaches beyond the classroom. Burao Academy students use their time outside of the classrooms participating in the debate club and other activities.

Debate Club

Both girls and boys are encouraged to pick topics to present to the classroom and discuss with challenging questions.

Engineering Club

Addressing environmental issues, students are introduced to basic concept of engineering with environmental stewardship. Recycling and re-purposing of available material such as ubiquitous plastic bottles are ways to help students to think about their environment care-taking.

Food Sustainability

Students know that growing food is a core principle of Burao Academy education. Three weeks after the school started, students planted Burao Academy’s very first crops of hundreds of papaya and neem trees, along with a variety of vegetables and fruits. Some of the first harvest has already come in! With students’ help to grow different food groups, there is excitement around seeing what else will be able to thrive on the school’s grounds.

Community Service + Mentorship

Community service/ mentorship is a core principle of Burao Academy mission statement. Having the students participate in mentoring and community service early in their academy journey is critical to their long-term commitment to the country and the community.