Education is the path

We’re putting Somali children in school for the chance to build a better future.

  • Creating skilled work force for the country
  • Increasing college ready youth
  • Giving Somali girls equal access to quality to STEM education

Burao Academy is an independent, nonprofit institution offering comprehensive education in science and technology. The Academy is a full-service educational campus for students ranging from middle school through high school. We offer Somali families the benefits of a Western education and resources to expand their skills and imaginations.

Our STEM-focused curriculum structure is as follows:

Middle School

This intensive two-year program focuses on the students’ reading, comprehension and math skills, bringing them to a standard grade level. By the program’s conclusion, our 9th graders are ready to face the challenges presented at Burao Academy High School.

High School

The core program greatly expands general education while fostering the skills of critical thinking, problem solving, intellectual curiosity and social responsibility. Burao Academy’s curriculum focuses on math and science with an emphasis on practical, in-demand knowledge, and is geared towards accreditation with a U.S.-based agency.

Ongoing Training

All Burao Academy students will receive progressive technical training, from their first day through graduation.

Our graduates who choose not to pursue a college degree will have necessary skills to enter the workforce as qualified technicians in different areas, including:

  • Computer Technology
  • Electronics
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Alternative Energy Technology
  • Electrical Engineering