Our hearts and souls are in this

To shift a mindset, change a landscape, and make a difference.

We are Somali-Americans who have personal experiences with perpetual poverty and lack of access to education in a country where most still live a nomadic life to survive. 

Fortunately, we are the few who found a better path through the generosity of a few extraordinary individuals—an uncle, a brother, a cousin, a distant family friend. But this cycle continues to have lasting consequences for our extended families.

We’re now honoring a long Somali tradition of lifting the next generation out of hopelessness. And we believe by giving youth opportunities to get quality educations, we are creating pathway to better future for every student that reach us.

Our mission

We provide a rigorous Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) curriculum, accompanied by career training, environmental studies and stewardship, and community service—all rooted in innovative initiatives.